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Welcome to Intersections of Pride Foundation

Intersections of Pride Foundation is a 501c3 organization focused on fostering intersectionality, understanding, celebrating diverse identities, and educating others on the importance of equity and inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Our Mission

We envision a world where all individuals are embraced for their intersecting identities and are empowered to live authentically without fear of discrimination or prejudice.

Upcoming Events

For the Month of August Acme has partnered with us for their Give Back Where It Counts Program

This means your organization will receive a $1 donation for every $3.00 reusable GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Bag sold during August 2024 at:


1308 Centerville Road, Wilmington DE location


Events from others! 

Pride Parade

What We Offer

From professional development to community-building activities, we are committed to providing a wide range of resources and support to advance equality and inclusion.

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